Cat beards and giraffes

I haven’t got a lot of time to write much today as I’ve been out at a pub quiz.  Our team is called the Q & A Team and tonight we came third out of three teams thanks to my sister and nephew insisting that we fill in every answer on the wipe out round even though we were not certain of all of the answers.  Yep, we got one wrong and lost all of the points for that round.   😦   If we had only put the answers we were pretty sure about we would have won.  Oh well.

I’m still getting giraffes.  There was another one on “Q.I.” and there was a cute stuffed toy in Boots that I saw today.  One of my friends told me that some of her friends had changed their photos on Facebook to giraffes then my sister said if you get a riddle wrong you have to change your Facebook photo to a giraffe for 3 days.  I got it wrong but I’m not changing mine.  I pride myself on not being a sheep (also, if I change my photo I’m worried that I won’t be able to change it back again because that photo was on my old computer that won’t even start up any more and it is soooooo difficult getting a photo of myself that I like).  The thing is, why did the first person who did this decide the photo should be of a giraffe?  Have they been secretly reading my blog? lol  What is weirder is that one of the questions in the quiz tonight asked what animal do you have to change your Facebook photo to if you get a riddle wrong?  How strange is that?

Today another friend asked me if I’d seen cat beards and showed me some.  Silly but funny.  I just tried to get one of my cats to do it but it didn’t work really so I abandoned that idea (I hate having my photo taken anyway even if half of my face is covered by a cat lol).  Also, I’m white, he’s black and he already has his own white moustache so it looked very odd indeed.  So here is a link to some people who managed to get it right.  Enjoy   🙂

Spot the rogue bottom in the middle lol.  How did that get there?


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