Bonnie and Clyde

I thought I would upload some photos of my cats, Bonnie and Clyde.  Bonnie is in the first photo. Sometimes she sleeps in my room at night and she used to be very good, just curling up at the bottom of the bed and staying there all night.  However, recently she has taken to jumping up on my bedside cabinet, walking over my head then sitting in front of my face, purring very loudly.  She is very pretty which was why we called her Bonnie.  We had already decided we were going to get two cats but we had intended to get another female. When we called her Bonnie we had to get a Clyde lol.  Bonnie follows me round like a little dog.  She waits until I’ve made my dinner then she walks in front of me with her ears turned behind her, listening to make sure I’m following her into the front room then she lies on the settee next to me and goes to sleep until she gets hungry (she is ALWAYS hungry and very fussy) then she keeps tapping me with her paw.  I wouldn’t mind but she doesn’t pull her claws in and they are like little razor blades!  She is really fast too and you take your life in your hands when you play with her.

Bonnie2  Clyde3

Clyde is in the second photo where he is lying on top of our new shed.  While my daughter, my sister and I were trying to put the shed together and were fitting the roof on, he decided to use it as a climbing frame and walked round the top of the walls.  He is very laid back and affectionate.  My daughter drapes him round her neck like a scarf and he just stays there, purring.  When he is not in the garden, he spends most of his time in her room on her bed or under her desk.  If I go into her room, he does a funny little squeak as he comes over to me and sits in front of me until I jiggle a piece of string for him so he can try to catch it.  The worst thing about Clyde is that he is a hunter.  I love my cats but I hate that.   😦   He is very good at catching mice and most of the time they are unhurt but we then have the game of trying to make him drop the mouse into a jug so we can put it back outside.  This normally happens very late at night so I have to brave all of the slugs to take the mouse to the end of the garden to let it go.  At night, my garden is like “Tremors”!  Seriously, I’ve never seen such big slugs.  They’re huge and they’re taking over the world lol.


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