Dynamo (image taken from the W site)

Dynamo – Live – Now!

Tune into W (Channel 109 on Sky) now to see Dynamo’s live show at the O2.  If you’ve never seen this amazing magician before, you’re in for a treat.  He is awesome!  And soooooo cool!!!

Aura Seeing Fest

Source: Aura Seeing Fest I’ve signed up for a free 6 day aura seeing online course and I thought you would find it interesting. I have seen some auras close to the body before – mostly white, some turquoise, one gold – but I’m hoping the course will help me to see them consistently, in…


Keeping Calm in a Mad World

This is the jigsaw I’m working on (maybe that should read playing with) at the moment. I had forgotten how relaxed they make me feel. It has been years since I last did one. I bought this jigsaw from The Works. It is perfect because it is a picture of nature and it has bright…


Some More Creations

Here are the things I have created over the past two weeks. Some projects have taken more than one day to complete (and I’ve still got a couple on the go) but I have managed to do something creative every day. A dragon made of modelling clay.             A dress…


Art Every Day Month – Seven Days of Creation

On Monday, i just did a simple doodle: I was feeling a little more adventurous on Tuesday: This is a card that I made. It has a declaration about how I want to change my life and I decorated it with objects that are symbolic and meaningful to me.            …

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Art Every Day Month

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is upon us again! Sign up now if you want to take up the challenge of writing a novel of 50,000 words during November. I did it last year and I found it really stressful. It is very hard work and needs a huge time commitment (which is difficult when…