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Did you VOTE TACTICALLY in the General Election out of fear of getting a party worse than the one you voted for? Did you NOT vote for the party you really wanted to win because you thought it would be a wasted vote? Did you NOT VOTE AT ALL because you thought it wouldn’t make a difference? Did…

Sir Terry Pratchett
(photo taken from Wikimedia Commons)

Sir Terry Pratchett

After losing Leonard Nimoy less than two weeks ago, I’ve just heard the very sad news that Terry Pratchett has also died. He was (is) my favourite author. I love the Discworld novels, probably because I’m Granny Weatherwax. He leaves behind a wonderful world for people to enjoy. He invented some great characters and there was…

Wax painting by Lynne Lawer

Wax Painting

As promised yesterday, here is one of my wax paintings. I love doing them as they create beautiful textures on the card. They are made by melting wax onto a small iron (you can buy ones specially made for doing wax paintings) then smoothing it over a coated card. When you raise the iron, it…

Illustration for "Bewilderness"
Copyright 2015 Lynne Lawer

Bewilderness and Manifesting

Last night Jo and I spent hours (and I mean, literally, HOURS – she was here until 2.00 am) trying to transfer the chapters of my novel “Bewilderness” to BookWright before midnight which was the deadline for winners of NaNoWriMo to get a free soft-back copy printed but I’ve just looked at my book again…