Is Your Christmas Tree Decorated Yet? A Few Tips To Help You

Now that we’re in December, it’s the perfect time to get your Christmas tree up and decorated. It’s a lovely activity to share with your children but make sure you have plenty of time to put your tree together if you have an artificial one. The last thing you want is to try to rush everything because it’s time for your children to go to bed and it always takes longer than you think it will! This should be a fun thing to do that your children will remember when they grow up, not a stressful time where you end up getting annoyed with them.

I love decorating the tree while watching a Christmas film. Sony Christmas (Sky channel 319) shows lots of romantic Christmas films that are perfect to get you in the festive spirit.

If you want your tree to look classy, keep to just two or three colours for your decorations. Red, green and gold are traditional Christmas colours and evoke a warm feeling. Blue and silver give a cooler, more sophisticated effect.

If you are letting your children decorate the tree, give them free rein (a bit difficult for control freaks like me!) so they have more fun but make sure they start with the lights. Plug the lights in to check they are working as the last thing you want is for your kids to take time carefully dressing the tree only to be disappointed when the great turning on ceremony is a big flop.

Unplug the lights again for safety then tell your children to start at the bottom of the tree with the end of the lights that are closest to the plug. The lights look best if they are placed in a zigzag fashion working up the tree. I like to put a hollow star or snowflake on the top with the last light attached to it with sticky tape, shining through its middle.

If you are decorating the tree yourself, or your children don’t mind a bit of direction, tinsel and strings of beads should be loosely draped around the tree next. Some people dislike tinsel but I love it. To be fair, I love anything sparkly! Thick tinsel looks best. I always think it looks like the tree has been wrapped in a sparkly stole to keep it warm. It makes me feel it is loved. I know some people like seeing trees that only have lights on and they can look classy – shop displays often have trees with just lights – but generally I feel like they look neglected. A big tree smothered in lights, tinsel, beads, baubles, bows and other decorations can look welcoming.

The next step is to attach any other decorations that you want on the tree. If you have bought some big baubles, put them at the bottom of the tree with smaller ones towards the top. Try to balance the look of the tree by leaving distance between two identical decorations and filling in any gaps between the branches.

Then the big moment – switch on the lights and wonder at how beautiful your tree looks.

If you have pets, particularly cats, you will probably have to leave the bottom of your tree bare so they don’t sit under it and play with the tinsel and baubles but that is part of the joy of having fur babies!

However you decorate your tree, take time to enjoy the experience.

If you want another bonding experience with your children, why not do some colouring with them? There is 10% off everything in my Etsy shop until Sunday 6th December. They are printables so it doesn’t matter if your child makes a mess of one, just print out another!

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