Extended birthday :-)

It has been sunny but cold today and I’ve decided to have a birthday weekend as I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to do on my birthday yesterday.   🙂   I don’t know why I haven’t done this before, after all, people have stag and hen weekends now.  I mentioned it to my friend and she said she has always said birthday week to her children so I’m going to take her advice and celebrate my birthday for the whole week.   😀   It makes more sense than having high hopes for one day and feeling it hasn’t lived up to expectations for any reason.  It’s impossible to have a perfect day, far better to pick the good bits out of a whole week.  It’s just a shame it clashes with Christmas lol.

I’ve just thought that today is my Dad’s birthday.  He died years ago but I just wished him a happy birthday and Mrs Barnaby on Midsomer Murders immediately said “Thanks darling” so I guess he heard me.   🙂

Here is today’s Christmas tree.  Make the most of it, there will only be a few more as there aren’t many days left until Christmas Day.

Penguins decorating a Christmas tree!

Penguins decorating a Christmas tree!

Penguins!  Yay!  Cute.   🙂


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