Boo hooray!

Here is today’s tree.  It looks good enough to eat.   🙂

Christmas tree clip art. Picture credit:

Christmas tree clip art.
Picture credit:

I’ve had my Christmas tree up for about a week now.  Just the tree, no decorations.  It takes sooooooooooo long to put them all on (probably because I’m a perfectionist) and I’ve had so much to do what with the blog and the writing course (that I haven’t done for 2 days   😦   ) and Christmas shopping, oh and work, that I hadn’t managed to get it decorated until today.  It looks beautiful but I’m not going to share it with you yet.  I was going to show you the Christmas wreath I made last year but I can’t find the photos   😦   so I hung it up and went to take a new photograph but my camera wouldn’t turn on   😦   😦   I really hope that it’s just that the battery is flat and not that it’s broken   😦   😦   😦   Anyway, only a few more days to go until Christmas then I might take a little rest from the blog and do my writing course instead.  Going to bed at 1.15 am when I have to get up at 6.45 am is not good.   😦   😦   😦   😦  One day to go until the weekend, the Strictly final and my birthday!   😀


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