Two trees today (a bit of alliteration there)

Today’s Christmas tree is a beautiful little one.   🙂   I love colour.

And sparkly things.  And lights.  I especially love sparkly, coloured lights.   😀

Two Christmas trees for the price of one today.  While I was looking for a tree to post on here, I found some upside down ones.  Apparently, they were popular a few years ago.  I must have missed them lol.  I don’t know why, goodness knows what I was doing!  According to the article from The Daily Mail in 2007, they use up less floor space and allow more decorations at eye level.  They still need a base that is wide enough to stop them falling over though (unless they are suspended from the ceiling) and they must be more unstable than a normal tree.  I would have thought they are downright dangerous if you’ve got young children or pets!  A cat will have that over in 2 minutes lol.  You’re also more likely to get a poke in the eye from an unruly branch.  So, a health hazard then – they should be banned.   🙂

Apart from that, they just make you feel like you’re walking on the ceiling.   😯   Besides, where do you put the fairy or the star?  No rude comments please.   😀   Upside down trees are seriously weird, which was why I didn’t use one as today’s Christmas tree.  They are supposed to represent Jesus on the cross (a bit inappropriate I think – Christmas is to celebrate his birth, not his death).  I don’t see that when I look at them though.  Is it just me or do they look like someone doing a handstand with their legs apart?  Guess that’s just me then.

Upside down tree Photo credit:

Upside down tree
Photo credit:

Thank you to everyone who liked my sketches.  It’s thrilling to know that people actually enjoy my pictures and I really appreciate your support.   🙂


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