Lovely Jubbly Your Majesty!

On the radio today they were talking about how the Queen is down to her last £1 million and how she could make more money.  Some of the suggestions were to use the royal carriages to take people for rides, host car boot sales and hire out Prince Phillip to do after dinner speeches lol.  In true Del Boy fashion I thought I’d add a few of my own.

How about hosting paranormal investigations at Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London?  There must be lots of ghosts there (Anne Boleyn is supposed to haunt the Tower) and, if not, I’m sure Prince Phillip would scare the punters!   🙂

The corgis could be hired out as guard dogs.  If they’re not ferocious enough they could be part of a petting zoo with the Queen’s horses.

There could be summer fetes and craft fairs at all of the Royal residences every week.

Lessons on how to be a servant could be run by the Royal household to retrain some of the thousands who are out of work so they could get jobs with the various Royal families of the world.   😉

Cookery lessons from the Queen’s chef would be very popular (you can’t get away from all of the food programmes on TV).

I’ve just checked out to try to find out what happens to gifts given to Royalty and it says “Over the centuries, some unusual gifts have been received, including a cheetah which was sent from India to George III in 1764, and a giraffe given to George IV by the Pasha of Egypt in 1827.”  No, I can’t turn the giraffes off now, they’re coming thick and fast! lol  The animals are normally kept in zoos.  Gifts can either be displayed in a Royal residence, placed in storage, given to charity or destroyed.  What should the Queen do with all of the unwanted gifts?  One word – eBay!

What about abseiling down the Palace walls?  A great way to keep fit!

Dog-walking?  The Queen could take your dog too when she takes the corgis for a walk.

There must be loads more.  Can you think of some?

Here is an image that kills 2 birds in one go for this post – a picture of money and the Queen.   🙂

£20 note


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