Are You a Cat or Dog Person?

Both animals have their good and bad points.

Dogs have to be walked, which can be good or bad depending on whether you want to exercise or you would prefer to stay indoors, and they can make a lot of noise but they are good at guarding your home so you feel protected.

Cats are more independent, going out for exercise on their own if they have a cat flap for access to the outside world, but they might also bring back presents of mice or birds which is very unpleasant! They are thought to be more selfish and less loving than dogs but it actually depends on the cat. I had one cat that loved being cuddled all of the time and another that let me hold her while she purred madly for about five seconds then she would wriggle to get down.

Both cats and dogs know if you are upset and will come to comfort you. Both animals enjoy playing games and sometimes cats will even fetch a ball just as most dogs do. They all have their own individual personalities and odd quirks. People can get just as attached to their cats as they do to dogs.

Whether you have cats or dogs (or both) it is a good idea to do some research about them so you know the best way to look after them to make sure they stay safe and happy.

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