Giants Are Real!

Recently, I’ve been interested in photos on the internet showing giant skulls and skeletons that could be the Nephilim (who are thought by some to be the offspring of fallen angels and human women). A website I was looking at this morning said most of the photos are hoaxes (why do some people like to be so tricky?) but it reckoned the giant skeletons in Peru are real.

When I went to lunch with my friend, I told her about the giant skeletons. Then, while we were paying for our food, we saw this:


I am so good at manifesting random, useless stuff!!! This afternoon I got a closer look:




Giants are real!



And they’re pixies (or Vulcans) – take a look at those ears! 😊



2 thoughts on “Giants Are Real!

  1. Makes one wonder if the similitude of giants originated with seeing the real thing a long time ago. Perhaps every present day similitude of a legend has its origins in a past reality. 🙂


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