Art Every Day Month – Seven Days of Creation

On Monday, i just did a simple doodle:


I was feeling a little more adventurous on Tuesday:DSCI2733


This is a card that I made. It has a declaration about how I want to change my life and I decorated it with objects that are symbolic and meaningful to me.







I decided to make a tiny, decorated Christmas tree using a pipe cleaner twisted into a spiral on Wednesday:


Thursday’s creation was supposed to be quick and simple after I noticed the cotton wool in the bathroom and thought it would make a good sheep.  It was harder than I expected as the legs and eyes didn’t want to stick where I was putting them!



I painted a stone to look like a hedgehog on Friday:


I was going to paint an intuitive picture yesterday but, while I was looking for my acrylic paints, I came across some feathers, artificial flowers and hair slides that were left over when I created a fascinator to wear at my nephew’s wedding a couple of years ago so I ended up making this:


So, what should I do today?

What’s the most fun way to play?

It’s been a long time

Since I’ve done a rhyme

And here is a new one – hooray!

(Yes, it’s short, but it’s getting late, I’ve got work tomorrow and I’ve still got to put the bins out!)


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