Trending Petition Against the Puppy Farm – Please Sign Now!

After my post yesterday about the Government allowing a beagle breeding farm in Yorkshire to expand, I’ve discovered there is a petition that, at the time of writing, has over 356,000 signatures and is growing rapidly. It has had support from Ricky Gervais and has been mentioned in the Daily Mirror. You can access that petition at here and there are links to other related petitions on that page. Please add your name and share it with your friends to get this madness stopped.

The MP responsible for granting B & K permission to expand their puppy farm is Greg Clark. There is a petition asking people to tweet him @gregclarkmp and use #react to ask him why he has allowed this and convey your disgust about his decision.

You can also write to him at his official email address to let him know how appalled you are about this and, hopefully, clog up his inbox at the same time!

Animals should be loved, not brought into this world for the sole purpose of having painful experiments done on them. There is no reason for animals to be experimented on in this day and age. There are much better, cheaper, more reliable methods of testing than using animals.  Please sign the petition, share it with your contacts and write to Greg Clark. Together we CAN stop this.

Thank you.



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