If You See An Animal Suffering, Please Try To Help

Yet again, I’m feeling distressed after seeing a photo on the internet of an animal having something awful done to it by “men”.  No, they are not men, they are scum, morons, bast**ds and any other derogatory term you’d like to use for them.  Real men have respect for animals and fellow humans.  There is no excuse for deliberately doing something evil to an animal.

This is the second time in just over a week that I’ve come across an article where an act of extreme cruelty to an animal has been filmed and given publicity.  Why weren’t the animals involved in these incidents helped by the person videoing them?  It could be argued that the film could be used as evidence in a prosecution, however, in the story that upset me last week, the cowardly thug involved was sacked from his job (because the incident happened while he was working) but, as far as I’m aware, there was no prosecution.  There would have been a prosecution if it had happened in the U.K. but not necessarily a jail sentence.  I don’t think our laws are strong enough.  People are banned from keeping animals but if they move, who is likely to know they shouldn’t have an animal so how can it be enforced?  They may be fined or given community service but they don’t seem to be sent to prison very often.  If these acts of cruelty were done to children, there would be a public outcry with mandatory prison sentences.  Why is it any less cruel to do these things to an animal than it is to do them to a human?  I think it would be just if anyone convicted of animal cruelty had to serve a prison sentence then, at the end, the torture that they inflicted on the animal was done to them and it was filmed.  The video should be put on YouTube and any money made from it should go to help the animal (if it was still alive) and animal charities.  Not only would the criminal lose their liberty and suffer what they had done to the animal, they would have the fear and anxiety of spending months knowing what was going to happen to them and the animal community would benefit, so some good would come out of it.  On top of that, it might be a more effective deterrent than the slap on the wrist they get now.

There was no way I was going to look at the video of the photo I saw today – the headline and photo were distressing enough – so I have no idea if it was filmed by one of the vile, heartless perpetrators, by someone who tried to help, by a person who was too scared to do anything but tried to get evidence or by some sicko who thought they could make money by getting enough sadists to watch it.  While it is important that these incidents are dealt with, perhaps it would be better not to give these scumbags any publicity whatsoever.  How about we all ignore any video that shows animal cruelty and only publicise stories where animals are treated kindly?  Wouldn’t that make you feel better?  I know it would me.

Near where I work there is a derelict building.  On the first floor (the second floor if you’re from the USA) is a broken window that has a sheet of cardboard taped against it to try to keep birds out.  Last year, a bird got in and got trapped between the pane of glass and the cardboard.  At first, it fluttered and tried to get out.  I thought it would be able to escape but it was still there the next day.  I didn’t know what to do and felt helpless each time I passed by.  I know people think of pigeons as vermin and I was pretty sure that the RSPCA wouldn’t do anything to help because the bird was on private property.  On the third day, I realised there were boards attached to the building, advertising it for sale, so I decided to contact one of the two estate agents.  I knew they wouldn’t care about the pigeon (I work for an estate agent and I know the money-focused mentality of that business) so I pointed out that if it died there, it was likely to become maggot-infested then they would have a building full of flies.  They said they would contact the owner.  The bird died in the window.  This week, the same thing happened, except there were three birds.  On the first day, I called the agent twice and was told that the building had been sold but they would try to contact the owner.  I tried calling the RSPCA and followed the menu prompts for wild animals until I got to a recorded message telling me to open doors to let wild animals out – very helpful!  I even called the police who probably thought I was mad but said they didn’t have the resources to deal with the pigeons and suggested I contacted the RSPCA.  The birds died in the window.  I hope the building becomes infested with flies.  At least I feel I tried this time even if it has been harrowing passing by that window to get to work every day.

Sorry if I’ve upset anyone who is as sensitive about animals as I am.

To make you feel better, here is a slideshow of my two pampered, treasured, furry children who are loved beyond measure.   🙂

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