Stop The Conservatives From Bringing Back Fox Hunting – Lobby Your MP!

Did any of you read the Conservative manifesto before the General Election? I did (I read the Green, Labour, LibDem and UKIP ones as well) and I was appalled to see that they actually planned to bring back fox hunting if they won. The day after their shock win I was deeply distressed knowing what they would do. My sister told me not to get upset because they would probably be too busy sorting out more important things.

According to The Telegraph, David Cameron has already met with senior colleagues to discuss how to organise a free vote. The NHS is struggling, children are living in poverty, people are having to use food banks, we are being flooded with even more people coming here from the EU because we are not allowed to control our own borders and David Cameron, in his wisdom, thinks it is more important to try to repeal the Hunting Act so that bloodthirsty Conservatives can hunt foxes to exhaustion and then let their dogs rip them to shreds.

Are we really living in the 21st century? This is barbaric. I can’t understand why it is even being contemplated. Surely it contravenes our anti-cruelty laws? The Hunting Act 2004 (yes, unbelievably, it has only been law for 11 years) bans hunting mammals with dogs and hare coursing so it is not only foxes that are at risk. According to Conservatives Against Fox Hunting (there are a few, including my MP) “Polls have consistently shown 80% of the public want to see the ban on hunting with dogs remain in place” yet, even though the Conservatives only got 36.8% of votes cast, they think they have the right to overturn the law protecting our wildlife.

Many people were afraid that Labour would form a coalition with the SNP if they won enough votes and so they voted Conservative to keep that from happening. Yet now we find ourselves in the position of having the Conservatives being able to do exactly what they like because they have a majority and, according to The Courier, the SNP’s leader, Nicola Sturgeon, has hinted the SNP may vote against repealing the Hunting Act even though they would not normally vote on English and Welsh matters. So it seems that some of us may end up being very grateful that so many SNP candidates were elected.

One animal welfare group is urging its supporters to write to SNP MPs to tell them they will holiday in Scotland and buy Scottish products if they vote to stop the Conservatives from repealing the ban. I don’t think it should be necessary to do this. I believe this is just a humane matter and, as such, the SNP MPs have a moral duty to protect the wildlife in England and Wales just as much as they protect the wildlife in Scotland.

Please write to your MP to urge them to vote against repealing the Hunting Act and tweet @NicolaSturgeon and @theSNP asking for their support. Make your views known and do something to help protect our wildlife from being hunted. Thank you.

Photo credit Jans Canon.

Photo credit Jans Canon.

Creative Commons License


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