Taken from Wikipedia jseo.com

Taken from Wikipedia

  • Did you VOTE TACTICALLY in the General Election out of fear of getting a party worse than the one you voted for?
  • Did you NOT vote for the party you really wanted to win because you thought it would be a wasted vote?
  • Did you NOT VOTE AT ALL because you thought it wouldn’t make a difference?
  • Did you vote for the Green Party or UKIP, only to find that your party won just ONE seat, despite the fact MILLIONS of other people also voted for your party?
  • Are you living in an area that always elects the same party – one that does not support your views – so you feel that you can’t make a difference and that you have no voice?
  • Do you think it makes more sense to have EVERY vote count in a General Election so you can vote for the party that you actually believe in?
  • Do you think it is time to get rid of the First Past The Post system and find something that better represents the views of everyone?
  • If you answered “yes” to any of the above, please sign this petition and this petition. We can only make a change if we all add our voices to make ourselves heard. This time, MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT, vote for change and sign the petitions. Thank you.

The Economist has a very good videographic showing the disproportional representation. Click on the different election years just above the graphic to see the seats fill up.

Taken from @Charlie_UKIP on Twitter

Taken from @Charlie_UKIP on Twitter

Taken from @robinanson on Twitter

Taken from @robinanson on Twitter

Could the best system be Approval Voting where people can vote for as many candidates as they wish? This is not the same as the Alternative Vote (AV) system that the British public rejected in 2011.

If you know of any other petitions calling for proportional representation/getting rid of the FPTP system, please post a link below.


6 thoughts on “#MakeSeatsMatchVotes

  1. That Economist graphic was awesome. I have very little idea of how your system works. In the US each Congressional District has a winner/loser. We don’t tally the votes nation-wide and then give seats based on that, it’s district by district.
    Of course, the number of Congressman a party has, has nothing to do with who is president.


    • Yes, I think that graphic is awesome too.
      I believe you have basically the same system as us. We have constituencies (districts) and there is only one winner for each constituency but we have more than two parties. There can be many candidates from various parties (or standing as independent candidates). With two party politics, the system that both of our countries have seems to be quite fair in that even if the district you live in does not return someone from the party you have voted for, there will be other people from that party in Congress or Parliament who will support the same point of view as you.
      The problem in Britain now is that there are not just the two traditional main parties (Conservative and Labour) any more. Many people also voted for UKIP, the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats (though they lost a lot of votes this time). However, there were not enough votes in each constituency for the candidates of those parties to beat the Conservative or Labour candidates to win many seats. The votes were spread out across the country with the smaller parties coming second in a lot of constituencies so, although they had millions of votes, they won very few seats. That means the millions of people who voted for them are not being represented properly in Parliament.
      The Conservatives, who won, only had the votes of 25% of the British people. Seeing as the Conservatives won more than half of the seats in Parliament, they have nobody to stop them from putting through laws that 75% of the British public do not agree with. There are a lot of very upset people here.
      In this country, the leader of the winning party becomes the Prime Minister so it seems strange to us that the number of Congressmen a party has makes no difference to who is the President. How are your laws made? What happens if your President is a Democrat and most of the Congressmen are Republicans? Who would have the most power? Then again, our laws are mostly made by the European Union and we have no say about what happens in our own country which is why we also want a referendum to get out of the EU. At least you make your own laws.


      • The President and Congress often do battle. Today the House & Senate are controlled by the conservatives/republicans and the President is a Democrat.
        It makes it very challenging to get anything done. The President can veto any bill passed, the Senate can over-ride a veto with a 75% margin, I believe.
        The President can propose bills but a member of Congress has to introduce it and sponsor it through the process.
        Our conservatives on the extreme right are really shaking up the Republicans and even main stream republicans are saying and doing stupid things. This also makes them fight common sense bills like funding the Gov’t and propose foolish things like voting against gay rights, curbing global warming etc, etc, etc,
        I could rant all night on this one. I’m so glad I’m not a politician. I like to get things done.


        • Thank you for that explanation. It sounds frustrating. We had a similar situation with our previous government when there was a coalition between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats which meant the Conservatives couldn’t always do what they wanted to do. I think we’ll wish the LibDems were still holding back the Conservatives during this term. We are expecting a lot more cuts to services and benefits. The Conservatives tend to make things worse for the disabled and unemployed and give tax cuts to the rich.
          I like to shout at the TV during political debates. 😀 I miss the election, lol.

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          • Our elections keep getting longer. It get’s to the point that you don’t want to turn on the TV due to all of the political ads.
            Our politicians do the same thing.


            • We had lots of party political broadcasts this time (I’m guessing they’re the same as your political ads). It was interesting to see the different styles they used to try to get their messages across (or, in some cases, just criticise the other parties).
              We’d probably be better off without politicians – at least the career politicians who have never had a proper job and are out of touch with ordinary people. They just don’t listen to us.

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