Reflectional, Rotational and Scale Symmetry

I thought I’d have a go at the Photo Challenge today. I think you’re only supposed to post one photo but I couldn’t choose (I’ve got to work on that, lol) and my fractals aren’t really photos but they are images that show various forms of symmetry so I’ve put them in anyway. Twin Flame Reunion has reflectional symmetry, Pink Diamonds, Rollercoaster and Decadence all have rotational symmetry and Icy Lace has scale symmetry (small parts of the fractal are similar in shape to larger parts). Most fractals have scale symmetry – when you zoom into the fractal you keep seeing the same patterns emerge.

Bonnie & Clyde aren’t perfect mirror images of each other but they’re trying their hardest so I’ve included them.   🙂


5 thoughts on “Reflectional, Rotational and Scale Symmetry

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