Bewilderness and Manifesting

Last night Jo and I spent hours (and I mean, literally, HOURS – she was here until 2.00 am) trying to transfer the chapters of my novel “Bewilderness” to BookWright before midnight which was the deadline for winners of NaNoWriMo to get a free soft-back copy printed but I’ve just looked at my book again and seen a mistake on the cover and on the second page! lol After all of that effort! I don’t think it will be published any time soon – I’m too much of a perfectionist.

Last Wednesday I thought I’d better start sorting the cover out. I decided to use one of my fractals as the background jungle and draw a snake to put on top. I spent the evening sketching the snake while I was watching TV then thought no more about it.

The next day a woman came into the office where I work. She took a Tupperware box out of her jacket and showed us the contents – her pet snake!!! I’ve worked there for over 11 years and nobody has ever brought a snake in before (or anywhere else I’ve worked). Yes, I’m brilliant at manifesting things that don’t matter!   🙂

You can see the snake I drew below.

Illustration for "Bewilderness" Copyright 2015 Lynne Lawer

Illustration for “Bewilderness”
Copyright 2015 Lynne Lawer


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