Middleham Castle, The Forbidden Corner and Elmfield House (and My Birthday, Yay!)

Now that Strictly has finished (Simon was robbed) and NaNoWriMo is over (apart from the hours of editing that I haven’t even started yet) I thought I would finish the short series of posts about the weekend Jo and I spent in York and other places associated with Richard III.

We visited Middleham Castle which is now a ruin but was where Richard III used to live.

As you can see from the photos, it was sunny but it was also extremely windy. I won’t post the photo of Jo cowering on the floor, too scared to stand up, at the top of the tower. I thought it was hysterically funny until I nearly got blown down a flight of stone steps.   😦   That wiped the smile off my face.

Near Middleham Castle we saw some mysterious signposts – “The Forbidden Corner”. Well, what would you do? Yep, we went and it turned out to be an amazing place. You are given a sheet of photographs of things you have to find and then you walk around various mazes, up towers and underground to try to spot them. I’m sure we missed quite a few. There were lots of dead ends and some scary bits that I refused to go in but it was brilliant!

The video below is from The Forbidden Corner website.

We stayed at Elmfield House which is near Middleham and about an hour away from York. It is a lovely, small bed and breakfast in the countryside. The owners, Astra and Ian, are very friendly and helpful. Breakfast was really tasty with delicious home-made bread and the house was very clean, quiet and comfy. I recommend it if you want to stay in the Middleham area.

Finally, it is my birthday today and I’m determined to enjoy it despite discovering yesterday that the INSIDE of my 16-month-old shed’s roof was so wet from rain that it was dripping onto the things I’ve stored in there. Roll on summer, let’s hope it’s a dry one so I can try to repair it.


2 thoughts on “Middleham Castle, The Forbidden Corner and Elmfield House (and My Birthday, Yay!)

  1. First of all 😀 Happy Birthday 😀 and born on the solstice too, precipitating the return to summer. Yay 😀

    Great shots and a great place. If I ever get north again it will be a must. Thanks for the share. 🙂


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