The Church at Fotheringhay

I just published the post about our visit to York and immediately realised that I had this post drafted so now they’re out of order.  Bang out of order seeing as I’ve just been writing about Bonfire Night.   😀

After Jo and I had looked around Fotheringhay Castle, we walked along the road until we came to the Church of St Mary and All Saints.  As we approached the church we heard music being played.  It was a bit spooky.  We were reluctant to go inside in case we disturbed a service but a couple came out and told us it was a man practising for a concert and it was alright to go in.

There was a small exhibition about Richard III and his family inside.  His mother, father and brother Edmund are buried inside the church.

I’ve recently heard that the church is said to be haunted and mediaeval music can be heard being played inside despite nobody being there!  So maybe we weren’t so silly for being a bit scared to go in.   :-O



4 thoughts on “The Church at Fotheringhay

  1. It seem that places associated with royal death have a reputation for spooky. I had a friend who worked at Hampton Court for a while who said their were specific places that had reputations for ghosts.

    Happy Halloween Miss L 🙂


    • Thank you. A lot of pubs seem to be haunted too though ordinary houses can have ghosts as well. My friend had one. Maybe it is that more people have died in royal residences and pubs so that is why there is more ghostly activity. With churches it could be that lots of people have worshipped there and they enjoyed being there so they go back sometimes.

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