A Grand Day Out!

Jo and I took her dogs, Jubilee and Jonah, to Hadleigh Castle today. It’s the first time we have been there even though we have lived in this area for 13 years!

After our walk, we had lunch at the Salvation Army cafe that is at the start of the lane leading to the castle. They have a working farm there too.

Although there isn’t much left of the castle, it is free to go in and you can walk a long way from there, looking out over the estuary. We only went a little way and were passed by a lot of people rambling or taking their dogs for walks so it is obviously very popular!

Below is some information about Hadleigh Castle.

information about Hadleigh Castle.

Information about Hadleigh Castle.


2 thoughts on “A Grand Day Out!

  1. Well, I’ll be blowed. From age 10-20 I lived in Benfleet. Every Sunday for many years, I and friends would roam over Benfleet Heath and enjoy a makeshift barbecue. Hadleigh castle was often the scene of running, hiding, stalking and capture. And, what a great view. 🙂


    • What a coincidence! From 0-20 I lived in London (north London though) then I moved to Bedfordshire. I went back to London for about 8 years before I moved here.
      I bet it was fun playing in that castle. It’s a shame there isn’t much of it left. It would be good if someone could restore it to how it looks in the artist’s impression. 🙂


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