Aye Or Nay? And What About England?

So, Scotland voted today on whether they want independence from us or not.  Does anyone from England care about the result?  I don’t think so.  It’s not like we’re going to go to war with Scotland if they decide to go it alone!

If they want to be independent, good luck to them.  I wish England had the chance to be independent from the rule of Westminster!  All of the major political parties have messed things up so it’s no wonder that the independence campaign has done so well in Scotland.

Maybe it’s time for things to change in England as well as in Scotland.  Roll on 2015 and the next general election.   😀

The flag of Scotland (Saltire or St Andrew's Cross) Picture credit: simple.wikipedia.org

The flag of Scotland (the Saltire or St Andrew’s Cross)
Picture credit: simple.wikipedia.org




8 thoughts on “Aye Or Nay? And What About England?

    • Now they’re being blamed for promising Scotland too much. 🙂

      There may be greater strength in unity but it would have been interesting to see what changes there would be if they’d voted for independence. It might have done England some good too though the backlash from the government’s promises might well lead to some positive changes for us.

      I do not understand why our own government will not treat English people fairly.

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    • Thank you Marie. It has been difficult to find enthusiasm for my blog after being turned into a zombie for a couple of months and not caring about anything creative. The apathy seems to have stayed with me, unfortunately. It’s easy to let a couple of days turn into a couple of weeks particularly when you think nobody is bothered, or even notices, whether you post or not. My book has gone completely out of the window. Probably would have been wiser not to have mentioned I was writing one.

      I’ve got next week off work so I’ll try to do something interesting to write about. I still need to post about my visit to York. 🙂

      Hope that you and Tony are well. We must meet for lunch with Susan when I’m back at work. xx

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  1. Oh you poor thing, I am sorry to hear you are suffering 😦
    I hops the week off let’s you charge your batteries and find some interest again, I know it is hard but you are strong, you can do it just in your own time!
    Will meet soon and catch up. Lots of love and a big hug. Xx

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