What’s My Nightmare Job? I Can’t Remember, lol

I’m a princess (I can feel every tiny lump and bump in my bed just like in The Princess and the Pea) so ANY job would be a nightmare job for me! lol

Seriously, I’d hate being a miner as I can’t stand confined spaces and I’d loathe getting filthy from the coal dust.  I’m sure there are lots of other jobs that I couldn’t imagine myself doing but we’re only supposed to say one so I’ll stick with that.

I should probably have said my worst job would be as a Memory (Wo)Man like Leslie Welch who was a British TV and radio entertainer because, at the moment, I keep forgetting things even while I’m in the middle of saying them!  I really hope the MRI scan I had on my knees recently has not scrambled my brain (don’t laugh, we have electromagnetic energy around our bodies so it wouldn’t surprise me in the least).

On Saturday, I went to my local shop for 8 or 10 things and when I got home I realised I’d forgotten 4 of them – milk, Ribena, sea salt and something else (I can’t remember what 😕 )  At lunchtime today I went out of the office of my current job (no, I really should NOT be working, as I told you, I’m a princess  Princess Emoticon) and tried to think of what I needed to buy.  I decided to go into Marks & Spencer to get a sandwich for my lunch and some meat.  That was all I could think of that I needed but as I entered the store, I saw a lady carrying this:

Sea Salt bag

Are my spirit guides good or what?   😀

Have you ever heard of Sea Salt bags?  No, me neither.  My guides never cease to amaze me!  I bought the sea salt this time.   🙂

Something else that was in M&S that I’ve never seen before was this:

Doughnut peaches

Doughnut Peaches

I think they should have been called Bum Peaches! lol

A Doughnut Peach

A Doughnut Peach


8 thoughts on “What’s My Nightmare Job? I Can’t Remember, lol

  1. Oh bless you, I think the memory loss is age related I am afraid, we all seem to be going through it at the moment. Fingers crossed it passes and we are back to normal, I use the term loosely!
    I would suggest a list but then you have to remember to take it with you lol. Xx


  2. Oh sorry, I forgot you are 25! When you get as old as me you forget some very important things ;o)
    Lists may be for wimps but are great for getting things you need when you need them, like rock salt lol
    Great post as usual my lovely. Xx


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