Let’s Teach Respect For Animals To Children

I’m fed up with seeing reports about cruelty to animals.  I’ve seen two today – one about a dog and the other about a squirrel.  I’ve also read about a dog that now has a loving home but was abused previously.

Don’t we teach respect for animals in our schools?  I did a quick bit of research for this post and found that the RSPCA have some suggestions for schools about how they can be more animal-friendly and integrate animal welfare into various subjects of the curriculum plus some free, interactive resources for young people that anyone can use.  They also have training and resources for Youth Offending Teams who work with young people who have been cruel to animals.

According to PETA, in every highly publicised school shooting, the young killers abused or killed animals before they turned on their classmates.  PETA have some good suggestions for activities that teach children compassion towards animals.

I’ve written about cruelty to animals a lot of times in the 10 months I’ve been writing this blog, including my thoughts on God and cruelty to animals and humans.  Isn’t it time we ALL did something to stop this?  If children were taught to respect all life, whether animal or human (no matter what “differences” that person may have), there would be fewer wars in this world.

It starts with the little things.  That has two meanings – we can make a difference by being more kind and considerate towards our families, pets and friends and that will then grow if we all do it but it also works the other way in that if we are mean and say horrible things to each other it is the thin end of the wedge.  It is easy for that nastiness to happen more often and then possibly escalate into physical abuse.

So let the little things you do be kind, gentle and loving and in that way, like ripples in a pond, let’s change the world.

To end with something beautiful, here is a photo of my cat Bonnie having a sleep on my settee.   😀

Bonnie having a sleep.

Bonnie having a sleep.


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