A Karmic Iceberg and the Strange Way Energy Flows (Floes? lol)

Here is a very brief quantum physics/spiritual/Law of Attraction lesson –

  1. Everything is energy.
  2. Everything vibrates.
  3. You attract things that are vibrating at the same frequency as you.
  4. You can change your vibrational frequency by altering what you are thinking about and what emotions you are feeling.
  5. If you think higher vibrational thoughts and feelings (love, joy, bliss, gratitude, etc) you will attract better things/situations into your life.
  6. You get back what you put out (karma).  If you are thinking bad things about someone or you have acted shamefully towards them, your low vibration will attract bad things to you.  Some people believe you get back ten-fold what you put out, so beware!
  7. Energy is moving and flowing all of the time, however, according to quantum physics, it can be a wave or a particle depending on how it is being observed or even what we are expecting to see so it is affected by our thoughts and beliefs.  This ties in with the God experiments and giraffes

Today I heard someone I know talking about magpies.  They said they are vicious birds on their own but when they’re in a group they gang up on other birds and victimise them.  The funny thing is, this person seems to be completely unaware that this is a reflection of their own behaviour.  They went on to say they have to clean their car every evening because there is a group of 7 or 8 magpies that mess on it every day!  I think, for this person, that is just the tip of the karmic iceberg and I would not want to be in their shoes.

Magpies in flight. Photo credit: flickr.com

Magpies in flight.
Photo credit: flickr.com


10 thoughts on “A Karmic Iceberg and the Strange Way Energy Flows (Floes? lol)

    • Thanks for that Graham. I am familiar with some of Rupert Sheldrake’s work although I haven’t read any of his books. I know about the 100th monkey theory and also the blue tits in different parts of Britain learning at the same time how to peck the foil top off milk bottles to get at the cream though something I just found on the internet says the blue tits actually taught each other as they live in groups. Apparently, robins also liked the cream when the bottles had no tops at all but most of them didn’t learn how to peck through the foil and the ones that did never passed the knowledge on to other robins as they are more solitary birds. That’s a shame, I always liked that story.


    • Thank you Barbara. I find the whole quantum physics/spiritual thing fascinating. Much more interesting than just going through life thinking that the physical world is all there is. We need more magic! 🙂


  1. Karma is a treacherous topic if you add the concept of rebirth into it. Besides, i think it is more of an urban legend. I know positive people with whom bad things happen and sometimes vice versa. I believe it is our love for symmetry that causes us to look for patterns in these occurrences.


    • You’re right Rahul. It is far more complicated than I was able to write about here and I’m still searching for the truth of how the world really works. Maybe things just happen and we don’t have any control over them at all or maybe everything is preordained before we come here (and we still don’t have any control!) but it seemed very fitting that what happened to the person with the magpies was because of the way they have behaved. 🙂


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