A Cyclist Conundrum

If (oh, sorry, how stupid of me) WHEN cyclists go the wrong way up a one way street on the pavement, are they breaking one law or two?  I saw 3 of them do it today.  (I’m trying very hard not to use exclamation marks)  Unbelieeeeeevable!!!  Nah, couldn’t resist them.   😀

No bikes pavement marking. Image credit: flickr.com

No bikes pavement marking.
Image credit: flickr.com

I wrote a poem about bad cyclists.  See, they really wind me up.   😦



2 thoughts on “A Cyclist Conundrum

  1. If you are familiar with the tv-series ‘Top Gear’, you would be aware of the hatred cyclists get. But often cyclists are in trouble because of the erratic way people (not you or anyone you know, but some drivers) drive. All I am saying is that not all cyclists are bad (i have ridden cycles too, after all).


    I hope this link helps in understanding my point.

    P.S.- taxation on cycles is not really the best idea as it would deter people from considering it as an option which, in the age of lack of fitness, is not the best solution.

    registration wouldn’t be that helpful as it is easier to strip a bicycle of its identity than motorized vehicles.
    (just my thoughts)


    • Yes, I’m familiar with ‘Top Gear’ (I’ve seen it a few times) and the guys hate everyone, not just cyclists, lol.

      I know it can be difficult for cyclists on busy roads and some drivers do not take enough care near them. Some cyclists in England do obey the rules but they are few and far between, in fact I’m astonished when I see a cyclist stop at a red light because it is so unusual. As a pedestrian (I don’t drive) I’ve almost been hit by cyclists lots of times when I’m just walking along the pavement. They often speed past when I haven’t even been aware that they were behind me because they are silent. It is illegal for bicycles to be ridden on the pavement in England. Some roads have cycle lanes. If they don’t, the cyclists are supposed to use the road but I can understand some of them being reluctant to cycle on major roads as they are so dangerous, however, there is no excuse for cycling on a pavement the wrong way up a one way street when the roads are practically deserted. They seem to think it is less illegal to cycle on the pavement than go the wrong way up the one way street. The only reason they do it is because there is a one way system and they are too lazy to go the whole way round so they pretend to be pedestrians.

      The video of the bad drivers appears to have been recorded in London. There are millions of people in London so there will always be some bad drivers who go through red lights. I’ve almost been hit by cyclists going through red lights when I have already started crossing the road and they’ve just sped by me. There’s no excuse for that.

      I think there should be a tax on bicycles. Cyclists use the roads so they should pay. There are other ways people can get fit – play sport, go to the gym or just dance in their front rooms if they don’t have much money (it’s something I’ve done before). Besides, there is so much pollution from the cars that it is probably unhealthy to cycle.

      It may be easier to strip a bicycle of its identity than motorised vehicles but every motor vehicle must have a number plate by law in the U.K. so if the same law applied to bicycles then the cyclist would be breaking the law if the bicycle didn’t have a number plate and they could be arrested. If a bicycle was involved in an accident or other incident and the number was noted but the cyclist rode away and took the number plate off later it wouldn’t matter as that number would be registered to its owner so they could be traced.

      Having said all of that, I’m sure you’re a very good cyclist. 🙂


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