Is The Weather My Fault?

Can your thoughts and emotions change the weather?  I wrote this poem coming home on the bus 10 days ago so it was ready made for the Daily Prompt!

Is The Weather My Fault?

Why is it when I come home
There’s a cloud above my house?
The rest of the journey is sunny
But this cloud is ready to douse!

Is it because of my sad mood
That my house now looks so grim
With this black cloud sitting above it
And the light decidedly dim?

Have I influenced the weather?
My sister says she can.
She makes it snow when she wants it to
So she can build a snowman!

Are my thoughts that far-reaching?
Are my emotions that intense?
Do I overrule everyone else?
Is my power that immense?

Is it my fault the weather is changing
Around the entire world?
Are storms the result of my anger?
Do I cause lightning bolts to be hurled?

Is it my fault that the icebergs
In the Arctic are no longer forming?
Maybe I shouldn’t blame myself,
It’s probably just global warming!

Lightning (Fractal Art). Copyright Lynne Lawer 2014.

Lightning (Fractal Art).
Copyright Lynne Lawer 2014.


11 thoughts on “Is The Weather My Fault?

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  3. I don’t take to a lot of poetry but I like that. 🙂

    It reminds me of story in one of Douglas Adams’ books. A lorry driver was always miserable because wherever he went it was raining. He did not know that he was a Rain God and the clouds loved him and so folowed him everywhere. 😀

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