Happy Birthday Mum

Today is my Mum’s birthday.  I wrote a poem about her on the bus coming home from work but it was more about her death at the age of 50 than about her life so I decided it wasn’t really appropriate for her birthday.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot I remember about her.  I was 18 when she died and for years afterwards I couldn’t even picture her face in my mind let alone remember spending any time with her.  I guess it was so painful my mind just blanked it out.  She was my best friend.  One thing I do remember from when I was about 4 years old was sitting on my Mum’s lap while she read out the cartoon jokes in the newspaper to me.

Her name was Joyce but most people called her Joy.  My middle name is Joyce.  When I was young I hated it because I thought it was old-fashioned but now I’m proud to have it.

I’ve searched through some of my photos and thought I’d post these 2 of her.

My Mum aged 19.

My Mum aged 19.

My Mum and Dad's wedding.

My Mum and Dad’s wedding.

Happy Birthday Mum xxx


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