First Sight – Bonding with Clyde

First Sight

Whether a person, a pet, an object, or a place, write about something or someone you connected with from the very first second.

When we went to get our kitten, many years ago, I was actually a little bit scared of her. It had been a long time since we’d had a cat and she was very small. I’d forgotten how to handle cats and I was concerned that I might hurt her by mistake. I shouldn’t have worried as she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself. She was (and still is) a fluffy bundle of claws and teeth! We deliberated over what we should call her and, as she is so beautiful, we decided to call her Bonnie. As we had Bonnie, we had to get a Clyde!

The next day, we went to look at another litter of kittens as Bonnie had been the last kitten left from her litter. There were 4 or 5 kittens scampering about, jumping on the settee and chasing each other round the living room. I saw a black and white kitten with a white moustache and stroked him gently under his chin as he gazed into my eyes. I knew he was the one for us and I bonded with him instantly. When we got him home, Bonnie (who had only been in our house since the previous evening) hissed at him! Clyde, poor little thing, didn’t know what to make of her. He had been taken from his family into a house where he was disliked by the kitten who was already there. In hindsight, it probably would have been better to get a male kitten before a female kitten but we hadn’t even originally intended to get a male cat. We had wanted 2 female cats.

Anyway, they pussyfoot around each other now, most of the time. Clyde is scared to go past Bonnie if she is sitting on the stairs and he calls me to rescue him. He is such a scaredy cat! From that it sounds like he has a bad time in our house but I make sure I feed him first to show Bonnie that he is the boss, he has food that he loves, he can sit out in our garden whenever he likes, he is allowed to sleep on our beds (which he takes full advantage of) and he has plenty of cuddles and lots of love. He looks grumpy with his moustache but he is very affectionate and loves giving us kisses. He also jumps on Bonnie when she is not expecting it so he is not that scared of her! 🙂

Clyde, asleep on top of the scratching post.

Clyde asleep on top of the scratching post.


Clyde sleeping on the settee.

Clyde, still asleep, looking grumpy (but underneath his moustache he is smiling).

Clyde, still asleep, looking grumpy (but underneath his moustache he is smiling).


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