Eurovision Song Contest

I don’t normally bother watching the Eurovision Song Contest as the Europeans all have their favourites and neighbours whom they vote for and we’ve only got Ireland to vote for us.  I like our entry this year – it’s “Children of the Universe” by Molly Smitten-Downes.  We might actually get a few votes for a change.

I’m just watching the after contest/before voting entertainment – why were there people singing while they were at the top of ladders?  Bizarre.

Before they start voting, I’m going to say I think I liked the Hungarian entry best.  I also liked Switzerland, Finland and the Netherlands.  The act getting the most attention has been Conchita Wurst who is representing Austria with the song “Rise Like a Phoenix” which is an anthem for people who have suffered from discrimination, who struggle with their identity or who are just different.  She was born Tom Neuwirth and has been affectionately dubbed “the bearded lady”.  There have been petitions in Russia (of course!) and Belarus to get the song blocked from being broadcast because it is “unnatural”.  I was pleased to see she has had tremendous support during the contest and may well win it.  She looks fabulous.

Conchita Wurst. Photo credit:

Conchita Wurst.
Photo credit:

Find out more about Conchita Wurst here.

See her profile and photos on the Eurovision Song Contest site here.

Latest update:  The U.K. have just voted and we gave our 12 points (top place) to Austria.  I thought we would.   🙂   I think Conchita will probably win it.  Good luck to her.

11.23 pm update:  Conchita has won and they haven’t finished voting yet.  This has restored my faith in Europeans (not the European Union, the organisation – I’m still against that).

I’m disappointed to note that the BBC news did not show Conchita’s victory (they normally show a clip of the winner), preferring instead to do a report about the success of post-production services for films in Northern Ireland following the making of Game of Thrones.  All they said was that we could see the Eurovision result on the BBC news channel.  Shame on you BBC!


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