Swearing and Equality

Why do people have to swear
In public places? It’s not fair!
I object, I don’t like it
I don’t want to hear them say “sh*t”,
I especially don’t want to hear the “f” word
But people think I am absurd.
In the morning, on the bus,
I hate it but don’t make a fuss.
Even walking in the street
Hearing youngsters when they meet,
Effing and blinding, it sounds bad.
Maybe expected from a lad
But girls these days swear badly too.
They don’t have my point of view
That ladies should be more polite.
They have no respect – some even fight!
They want to be equal to males
But this is where equality fails –
It’s better to have some respect.
Being a female, I expect
A man to apologise if he swears
In front of me, but no-one cares.
They think I’m strange, that I’m a prude.
It upsets me, I think it’s rude.
Now swearing’s everywhere you go
Even in so-called comedy – no!
It’s in books, in films and on TV
Really, there’s no escape for me.
Swearing is the lazy man’s way
Of expressing himself, that’s what I say,
Or it just shows their ignorance,
A certain lack of intelligence,
When using it to replace
An adjective, it’s a disgrace.
Swearing’s only alright in my eyes
If someone is caught by surprise
Or in so much pain, he or she cries
And the word is out before they realise.
I hear it so much it’s seeped into my mind
And, although I hate it, I now find
Myself swearing when I’d rather not
And it’s getting worse, it happens a lot.
I just wish everyone would cease
Swearing and give me some peace.
Am I alone? What can I do
Except, perhaps, say “f**k it” too?

There was a programme on TV tonight called “Blurred Lines: the New Battle of the Sexes” (on BBC2). I didn’t watch it but it was an investigation into whether it is acceptable to make derogatory or abusive comments about women and it examined rape jokes in schools, explicit pop videos and bomb threats sent to those campaigning for more women to feature on banknotes.  How has our society sunk so low?  So, is it acceptable to make derogatory or abusive comments about women?  The short answer is “no”.  Of course it is not acceptable.  It shouldn’t be acceptable to make derogatory or abusive comments about men either.

I believe this is the result of the lowering of standards of polite behaviour and just a general lack of respect for anyone. As I wrote in my poem above, this constant swearing is getting into my mind so I’m swearing too without really thinking about it. People don’t realise how much this affects them. Just think how often you find yourself mindlessly humming a song that you later realise you had heard on the radio or someone else had been humming. It’s subliminal programming. It’s the same with all of the news and violent “entertainment” programmes we watch on TV. They get into our minds without us even realising what is happening. The news now shows explicit photos and videos of dead bodies but we don’t take any notice any more, probably because we are used to seeing the same thing re-enacted for our entertainment so it doesn’t even register that the events have happened to real people. TV programmes and films are becoming increasingly more violent as their makers give them shock value to try to make them stand out against the rest just to make more money.

We need to start being more conscious of what we are subjecting ourselves to, whether that is what we are watching on the TV or how we speak to each other. Let’s be more respectful and see if we can get things to change.   🙂

I was going to put a picture of one of my favourite films, “Die Hard”, in here (I never tire of watching that film, there’s always something of interest, not least Bruce Willis in a vest   😉   ) but I decided instead to do a new fractal to symbolise the way the media’s obsession with violence affects us.  There are 3 versions because I couldn’t decide which one I liked the best.   😀

Disruption of Harmony (Fractal Art). Copyright Lynne Lawer 2014.

Disruption of Harmony (Fractal Art).
Copyright Lynne Lawer 2014.

Disruption of Harmony (Fractal Art). Copyright Lynne Lawer 2014.

Disruption of Harmony (Fractal Art).
Copyright Lynne Lawer 2014.

Disruption of Harmony (Fractal Art). Copyright Lynne Lawer 2014.

Disruption of Harmony (Fractal Art).
Copyright Lynne Lawer 2014.


4 thoughts on “Swearing and Equality

  1. Great post. Very true regarding the swearing, it seeps into your mind and before you know where you are it is in your vocabulary too! I agree totally regarding disrespecting people, whichever gender and the violence of today, it really is everywhere! (the same as the swearing) Love the poem, very good!
    Love the new fractals, the first one works best for me, gave me a sense of warmth and harmony within myself. Xx


    • Thanks Marie. Glad you love the poem and fractals. I was just going to post the first one then I thought the second one was better then I thought that I haven’t done a green and yellow one on here before, lol. I can’t deal with choices. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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