Bank Holiday

Probably best if we skip over my setting off the smoke alarm while cooking dinner – at least it works!   😀

This morning, Martin and Su on Heart radio were talking about the Bank Holiday that we had yesterday. Su said people shouldn’t be allowed to mow their lawns after 4.00 pm as it disturbs the peace of others who are relaxing in their gardens!  In England you fit in mowing the lawn when you can, between showers. So, as an answer to her, I wrote this poem.

Bank Holiday

Sitting in the garden
Makes me feel very rested
A cup of tea, a book to read –
Reward for time invested

In digging borders and weeding,
Planting bulbs, mowing the lawn.
All hard work but well worth it
When the garden is reborn.

How lovely to sit in the sun
To relax and rest at last
Knowing all the hard work has been done,
Watching a butterfly flutter past.

Someone starts a lawnmower.
I really don’t mind that.
It’s barbeques I don’t like
With strong smells, laughter and chat.

It’s very inconsiderate,
They really disturb the peace.
They go on for hours at a time –
When will they ever cease?

They also make me feel like
I’m being spied upon
By neighbours and their noisy friends
It’s great when they have gone.

Does everyone feel like that
Or is it only me?
I don’t think I’m anti-social,
I just like my privacy.

I don’t want to smell their burgers
Or listen to their views
About the news or gossip so
We should ban barbeques!

Photo credit: Hedwig Storch, copyright 2008, via

Photo credit: Hedwig Storch, copyright 2008, via

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2 thoughts on “Bank Holiday

  1. Noooo! Save yourself cooking and just engage your neighbours until their ears bleed! They will have to invite you around just to shut you up and then you get free food! Tah-dah!


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