Star Wars Day

Today is known as Star Wars Day
But TV is disappointing.
Only Episode II is being shown.
It’s really been quite boring.

It isn’t the greatest Star Wars film,
The original ones are better
With Princess Leia’s odd hairstyle
Who could possibly forget her?              (I’m sure the men remember her in that gold bikini, lol)

Luke Skywalker just wanted to
Keep the girl he loved from harm
But he discovered she was his sister –
He should have stayed on his Tattoine farm.

Then there was the lovable rogue –
The smuggler, Han Solo.
Reluctant to help out at first,
He became a great hero.

He had a great big, hairy friend,
Chewbacca he was called.
A Wookiee born on Kashyyyk –
He certainly wasn’t bald.

There were two funny robots –
C-3PO moaned a lot
And R2-D2 was just like
A bleeping pepper pot.

The villain was Darth Vader
The one everyone knows
Who had such noisy breathing
And always wore black clothes.

There was Obi Wan Kenobi
And grammatically-odd Yoda too
Who might’ve said “Great films they are”.
May the Fourth be with you!

Star Wars. Picture credit:

Star Wars.
Picture credit:

Apparently Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Luke Hamill have signed up to make Star Wars: Episode VII, directed by J J Abrams, in 2015.  Should be good!   🙂


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