A Protest Poem – Get Us Out of the EU! (Give Us a Referendum)

Way back in the 1970s
Something really bad was done
By Conservatives – we were taken in
(In many more ways than one!)

To the European “Common Market”
(It’s what we all called it back then).
It’s part of the “European Union” now
And they have made us open

Our borders to all foreigners
Who are also in the EU.
We’re even told we must give rights
To convicted prisoners too.

They make up really stupid rules
Like bananas can’t be bent.
We’re not allowed to weigh in pounds
And only decimal money can be spent.

We’ve completely lost our identity
For very little gain.
They’re trying to make us all the same
And do what they want – it’s insane!

What was the Government thinking
To give up our country so
Europeans could make our rules and laws?
We should have just said “no!”

Why have so many governments
Not let us have our say?
Corruption in high places?
They have completely given away

All of our power and freedom too.
We shouldn’t obey their orders.
If we complain, we’re branded racist,
Just because we want control of our borders!

Is it O.K. for me to say all of this
Or am I committing treason?
Take note, we are NOT European –
We’re an island for a reason!

If we decide to leave Europe
There are more than just a few
European countries who’ll still trade with us
And, of course, the Commonwealth too.          (If they’ll still have us.)

We pay £55 MILLION A DAY      (!!!  Use it to help our own people, cut taxes and create jobs!)
For being told what to do
By people from other countries.
We MUST get out of the EU!            (GIVE US A REFERENDUM!)

The Union Flag. Photo credit: theguardian.com

The Union Flag.
Photo credit: theguardian.com


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