Selfish People on the Bus

After moaning about cyclists
I’ve found somebody new
To complain about (there must be more 🙂 )
I’m like Victor Meldrew. (I don’t belieeeeve it!)

There were a lot of spaces
On the bus the other day (Hooray!)
Except some weren’t available
Due mostly to the way

People put their bags next to them
To occupy a seat
That their bag hasn’t paid for!
They should be at their feet

Or in the luggage space
In the front part of the bus.
People should be considerate –
Think of the rest of us!

Sometimes there are people
Who play their music loudly
And others (even young ones)
Who shout their mouths off, proudly

Swearing at the top of their voices
So everyone can hear
And nobody dares to complain
They’re all too full of fear.

For all you know, you could get stabbed
So no-one says a word.
I now find that I’m swearing too
As it’s so often heard.

I’d rather not travel by bus
But I don’t have a car.
The ones who have don’t realise
How fortunate they are.

I wish people were nicer now
But they don’t even try.
We used to have good manners.
How I long for days gone by!

Buses at Southend bus station. Photo credit:

Buses at Southend bus station.
Photo credit:


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