My Twin Flame

DAILY PROMPT He’s (She’s) So Fine
What was it that drew you to your significant other? Their blue eyes? Their ginger countenance? Their smile? Their voice?

I had already started writing this poem when I read the Daily Prompt above.  At the moment I’m single.  I’ve met my significant other in spirit and I know he is also out there in the world somewhere, living a physical life just like I am.

My Twin Flame

I wonder when I’ll meet him –
The man whom I’ll adore?
I wonder if we’ve met before
In golden days of yore?

I wonder if it’s really true
That I’ve lived a past life
And if I have, if I found him
And then became his wife?

If what some people think is true
He could have been my mother.
Alternatively, perhaps,
I could have been his brother.

However, he’s my Twin Flame
And, in that case, so I’ve read
One’s always male, one’s female
And we are supposed to wed.

Apparently, in past lives,
You don’t incarnate much
With your Twin Flame, it’s tragic,
They’re the one you want to touch

And be with every second –
They are your missing part.
They’ll love you unconditionally
And mend your broken heart.

Their energy’s so powerful
They’ll change you instantly,
You’ll become 25 again
And you’ll heal completely. (When I wrote that I saw a flash of blue which is Ben, my Twin Flame in spirit)

That really is quite handy,
And apt, if truth be told
‘Cause after learning lessons
You both will be quite old.

I guess you get to live the life
You missed without your Flame,
The life you should have had before
But it won’t be the same.

This time you will be happy
To live your life anew
For when you’re with your Twin Flame
There’s so much that you can do.

When Twin Flames find each other
Their love can change the Earth
From a place of dark despair
To heaven – it’s a rebirth.

I’ve seen him in a vision,
However, I’m not good
At recognising faces
So maybe spirit should

Make sure I know that he’s the one
By giving me a sign –
A big arrow above his head
And then I’ll know he’s mine! 😉

Twin Flame Reunion. Copyright Lynne Lawer 2014

Twin Flame Reunion (Fractal Art).
Copyright Lynne Lawer 2014


7 thoughts on “My Twin Flame

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  2. Lovely sentiment, great poem and I hope, the story of your true love, once you are settled together and happy! Oh except the blue arrow, that could be embarrassing for him!


    • Lol. I meant an arrow that only I can see. I’ve read about other people who have seen that or heard a voice saying “He’s the one”. It would make it a whole lot easier!

      I hope it’s the story of my true love too, especially the part about being 25 again and healing. 🙂 I had thought when I’m with him again we’ll be 25 but I had meant when we’re both in spirit because you can be any age you like then but I read something about Twin Flames after I’d thought that and the writer said they knew a Twin Flame pair who had become 25 again, so it can happen. I’ve seen in several places that you’re both healed when you’re together. He’d better hurry up then before my knees are totally buggered! xx


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