Bad Cyclists

What is it with cyclists?
They think they own the street!
They ride up on the pavements
And ignore people they meet.

They also go the wrong way
Up one-way streets in town.
They almost knock you over
It really makes me frown. šŸ˜¦

Why do most cyclists seem to think
They are above the law?
They wind some people up so much
They want to start a war. (Right Jo? lol)

Some cyclists also show off.
They don’t use handlebars.
They think they’re really clever
Until they hit some cars.

They cycle along aimlessly
While using mobile phones.
They sneak in-between cars in queues
And ignore all the groans.

They pretend to be pedestrians
(I’ve watched them like a hawk)
When they ride on zebra crossings
But they should get off and walk!

Of all the things cyclists do wrong
Running red lights is worst.
It is the law to stop and let
Pedestrians go first.

There are so many out there
Who insist on breaking rules.
I thought that now road safety
Was taught in all the schools.

I’ve even seen them break the law
Close to a police car.
The police cannot catch them as
They don’t know who they are!

They should just be like motorbikes
With registration plates
And compulsory insurance
(Maybe at reduced rates).

I think that idea’s brilliant,
(Tax too – more revenue)
Then when they cause an accident –
Who did it? We’ll know who!

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