Rainbows and Lightworkers

While I was at my job today
I saw a small rainbow.
The sun had hit my plastic pen
And made my paper glow.

The funny thing about it,
Something I didn’t know,
I couldn’t see it in the sun,
Only in the shadow.

The brightness was still visible,
The rainbow wasn’t though!
It made me think of contrasts
And why there’s so much woe

In this tortured world of ours.
There isn’t enough flow
Of happy ways of learning
So we can gently grow.

I wonder if it is because
Our good deeds will then show
Up more against the evil here.
At least, I think that’s so.

A rainbow is the symbol of
One of my guides – Dydo.
She really should be called Iris (The personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods in Greek mythology)
But she is not – heigh ho!

I’ve taken too long on my quest
To save the world – I’m slow,
So maybe she was telling me
“Get to work Lightworker. Go!”

(When I was doing a bit of research about St Patrick to answer a comment on my previous poem, For England & St. George (What About the Dragon?), I discovered that St Patrick is associated with rainbows!  I guess Dydo is reinforcing her message.   🙂   )

Rainbow (Fractal Art) Copyright: Lynne Lawer

Rainbow (Fractal Art)
Copyright: Lynne Lawer


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