Breaking the Rules

A poem about grammar – don’t be put off
It’s meant to make you smile.
You might even like it, it’s not very long –
It’ll only take a while. 🙂

“I” before “e” except after “c”
Is no longer taught in schools
Because it is not accurate
But there are other rules

To heed when we do writing.
There’s so much we can forget
And get it wrong, it frustrates some
And fills them with regret

That people seem so stupid
And sentences go on forever with no punctuation and you dont no whats being said you cant understand what their trying to say cos they spel it all bad and the grammers wurse
And that little example
Just messed up my nice verse!

The thing I hate the most –
Misuse of the apostrophe,
Especially when it’s there when
It really shouldn’t be!

“Todays special – pork chop’s, potato’s
Yorkshire pud and pea’s”
It’s an extreme example
But try to be careful, please!

If you’re not sure if they are right
Just leave them out instead
It’s better than too many.
That just messes with my head!

My grammar isn’t perfect
But I do not use text speak.
I try so hard to get it right
Maybe I’m just a freak.

There’s something that I love to do,
It’s wrong, I’ve known a while –
A lot of exclamation marks!!!
I do it, it’s my style!!!!! 🙂 (Get over it!!! lol)

Should I be more understanding
Of those who find it hard?
“You’re” is “you are” but shortened,
Get it wrong, your writing’s marred. (“Your” = something that belongs to you.)

I wish people would take more care
Bad errors make me frantic.
“Your welcome” 😦 (mat?) – it makes me mad.
I can’t help it, I’m pedantic!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

What grammatical errors wind you up?
I’d really love to know.
No full stops? Spelling? Just write them down
In the comments box, below.

Too many apostrophes! Photo credit:

Too many apostrophes!
Photo credit:


13 thoughts on “Breaking the Rules

  1. First of all, great poem, made me smile and damn good subject too.
    Secondly, I agree entirely, I don’t do the text talk! I am able to speak rather well and can type (be it with only a few fingers!) so use full words not text abbreviations!
    Thirdly, I just LOVE an exclamation mark or 3!!!
    Lastly, you will be pleased to hear, bad grammar and overuse of an apostrophe is frustrating to say the least, so are obvious spelling mistakes, the ones where it is clear the sender has not bothered to read the content through before sending, although, saying that, they can be highly amusing!!!
    Hey ho, we are all only human 😉 Xx


      • Well that is great for you Lynne, I would of just got lost and be floating around in space forever!!! My sense of direction is awful, if not non existent!
        I Suppose I should be grateful I am just here with my feet firmly on the ground! Lol
        Yes I believe the spelling is correct, I would not doubt your spelling capabilities! Xx


  2. Excellent poem and very funny! I hate it when people say things like “He should of…”, “I would of”, etc, instead of “would’ve” short for would have. And also when they spell etc “ect” – it’s short for etcetera, ect is just wrong!!! I like exclamation marks too and I sometimes start a sentence with And or But, that’s my style! 😉


  3. I dislike no stops like when someone doesn’t enter in any paragraphs for a lengthy essay. Obvious misspellings too! Although I have caught myself doing this boo boo after reading an older post again.


  4. I find a lack of puncutation particularly annoying. I hate having to read something twice to extract any sense from it. I think it was once taught; as a means of leaving legal loop holes all over the place. \……(‘)< aaargh .


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