After Easter

Tuesday morning, back to work,
Easter’s over, feeling down.
Bin men missed my rubbish bag
So that increased my frown. 😦

Bus was late as usual
‘Cause the kids are back at school.
It was standing room only.
Double-deckers should be the rule.

Stood in-between some girls talking,
One of them gave me her seat.
I hadn’t done it on purpose,
Clever trick though – very neat! (I might have to use that again. 🙂 )

Does that mean things are looking up?
That my day will go well?
I doubt it, when I get to work,
But only time will tell.

Got lunch and other stuff in Boots
Worth £8 – cost me zero
‘Cause the cute assistant who served me
Used my Boots points – he’s my hero! (I didn’t realise I had that many points saved up.)

Work wasn’t all that busy
And it actually went alright.
I’m still glad that it’s over though.
It’s the pub quiz tonight.

Last week my answer made us lose 😦
But it’s all a bit of fun.
I got one right in the wipeout round
Tonight and we actually won! (Only £2 profit each but it’s beating the other teams that counts, lol.)

One of the answers was “Limerick” so:

The pub quizzing “Q & A Team”
Are cleverer than they seem.
They got it right
And won tonight
And all of them are so “reem”.

Well, we do live in Essex! For those who don’t know, that is one of the sayings used by Joey Essex from “The Only Way Is Essex”. I always thought it was short for remarkable but that is obviously too sensible for TOWIE as it apparently means gorgeous, sexy, nice.

Here is the man himself. Has he learned how to tell the time or tie his shoelaces yet?  I’m not saying that because he is so young, he actually said on “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here” that he didn’t know how to do them!

Joey Essex. Photo credit:

Joey Essex.
Photo credit:


5 thoughts on “After Easter

  1. Yes, she does it again! You really are rather good at this poem writing business!
    I am pleased you had a good day, it is always hard to go back after holiday time off.
    I love the Joey Essex reference, as an Essex girl, born and raised I know that TOWIE is not your typical Essex residents lifestyle but I still watch it and enjoy it. ;o)
    Keep it up, great work! Xx


      • Lol, I don’t think you are the only person that thinks all Essex people are like the “stars” on TOWIE! Even before that there was the miscomprehension that all the Eesex men drove Capris and the women wore white stilettos and danced round their handbags!
        Heyho, only us Essex folk know what we really are like, which is the same as the rest of the world, a proper mixed bunch, mostly as mad as a bucket of frogs!!! Xx


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