A Poem To Improve Your Life

Asking open-ended questions
Is supposed to be a way
To change your life, so here are some
You can use every day.

Who can help me with my life?
How happy can I be?
What interesting things today
Are going to happen to me?

How many things can come to me
That I’ll be grateful for?
I’m thankful for all I have now,
How can I receive more?

How can my life be better?
How much beauty can I see?
How can I change the way I think
So that I can feel free?

How can I eat more healthily
And easily lose weight?
What exercise is fun for me?
What helps me to feel GREAT?

How much love can I receive?
What actions bring great wealth?
What changes can I make so that
I have optimum health?

How many people can I meet
Who treat me with respect?
What things can turn out wonderfully,
Better than I could expect?

Asking open-ended questions
Changes your subconscious mind.
Hopefully, improvement in your life
Is then what you will find. 🙂

Picture credit: freeimageshub.com

Picture credit: freeimageshub.com


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