Groundhog Day

Going to work again.
Another dreary Monday –
Groundhog Day.

Nothing ever changes,
at least not in a good way.

Same people, same tasks,
except more to do.
It’s neverending, soul-destroying.
I really don’t want to
do accounts any more.

It’s making me ill,
slowly killing me.
I know it’s happening
but I can’t stop it.

You see
there are no other jobs.
Do I want one anyway?

I don’t want to work,
I want my “work” to be play.

Something I enjoy
that brings me alive,
instead of a life
full of strife.

poems, my blog, expression
of my thoughts, my passion
made manifest.

My quest –
to turn my life around.
If I continue, I’m bound
to find the tipping point

my life will magically transform
and play, fun and laughter
will be the norm. 🙂



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