Leisure Time

What is the best way to spend
Your precious leisure time?
Do you like the theatre,
Especially pantomime?

Is football, tennis, swimming
Or some other sport your thing,
Or would you rather go to see
Your favourite pop star sing?

Are stately homes and castles
Places that you love to see
Or do you like museums
‘Cause you adore history?

Do you like to ride a bike
Or do you enjoy walking,
Or are you one of those people
Who really just like talking?

Do you like to crochet
Or is knitting your main thing?
Are you someone who likes to ski?
How about hang-gliding?

Do you love to play board games?
Are quizzes fun for you?
Are jigsaw puzzles and crosswords
The things you like to do?

Do you like making jewellery,
Do you love to read a book?
Do you design your own clothes
So you have a unique look?

Do you like doing magic,
Juggling balls? (Timing is key).
Do you like watching movies
Or programmes on the T.V.?

Do you like to skateboard
Or race fast in a go-kart?
Do you love to paint or draw?
Do you do fractal art? 😀 (Just me then?)

Do you do patchwork quilting
Or do you just love to bake?
Are scrapbooks or embellished cards
The things you like to make?

Do you re-enact battles
Or take stunning photographs?
Do you make dogs from balloons
Or collect rare autographs?

Do you jump out of ‘planes
And float down on a parachute
Or do you make strange instruments,
A harpsichord or lute?

Do you like to make toys
Or go out and fly a kite?
How about some blogging?
D’you like that? I thought you might! 🙂

Kite. Photo credit: www.fontplay.com

Photo credit: http://www.fontplay.com


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