My Dream – My 2nd Poem for NaPoWriMo

My Dream.


I’m writing, sitting on the bus

And feeling very tired

From working at my dead-end job.

I’d rather be admired


For writing rhyming children’s books

And doing all the art

That transports kids to magic worlds,

Exciting every heart.


I’d fill my books with ogres,

Goblins, elves and fairies too,

Maybe some made-up animals

You won’t find in a zoo.


Like Loch Ness monsters, dragons,

Yeti, even chupacabra

And there would be some spells too

With words like abracadabra.  (   🙂   I bet you thought I wouldn’t find a rhyme for chupacabra lol)


My stories would have characters

Who help each other out.

It’s better to co-operate

Of that there is no doubt.


There would be damsels in distress

And knights on big, white steeds

Who ride around the magic kingdom

Doing worthy deeds.


Although there’d be some mischief

From some goblins, gnomes or elves

There’d also be a lesson

Kids would work out for themselves.


They need to learn when they are small

To be helpful and kind

To people and to animals

So that one day we’ll find


Our world has changed to somewhere

That is great and I’ll be proud

To know I’ve influenced this young,

Impressionable crowd.


All changes start with just small things

A thought, a word, a deed

And then they grow to, hopefully,

Become the change we need.


This world is wicked, harsh and cruel

I’d rather be elsewhere

Inside my tales of chivalry,

Of men who really care.


Where everything is colourful

In happy, magic land

Where all our problems disappear

And things work out as planned.  

One of my (many) dragons.  I love dragons!

One of my (many) dragons. I love dragons!


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