My First Poem for NaPoWriMo

My First Poem for NaPoWriMo


This month is post a poem a day

I’m a bit late for that.

It’s also National Pet Month

So I’ll write about my cat(s lol, I’ve got 2 of them).


Bonnie follows me around

She’s like a little dog.

You know of her already

‘Cause I’ve put her in my blog.


I’ve also told you about Clyde

He gives kisses, they’re nice.

One thing about him I don’t like

Is that he catches mice.   😦


My poems are not for purists

Or people with graces and airs.

I’m definitely no Wordsworth

I’m much more like Pam Ayres. (I like her poetry so there’s nothing wrong with that   🙂   )


The following is one of hers

I hope I’ve got it right.

I first read it when I was young

I think it’s dynamite!


“I am a bunny rabbit

Sitting in my hutch

I like to sit up this end

I don’t care for that end much


I’m glad tomorrow’s Thursday

‘Cause with a bit of luck

As far as I remember

That’s the day they pass the buck.”


If you like her poetry

(I really think you might) is the address

Of where to find her site.


While watching Big Star’s Little Star

Her voice was in an ad

For McCain’s Ready Baked Jackets.

What a weird surprise, how mad!


If you liked my poem

Please say something below

And look out for some more of them

During NaPoWriMo.


Pam Ayres. Photo taken from her website.

Pam Ayres.
Photo taken from her website.


6 thoughts on “My First Poem for NaPoWriMo

    • Thank you. 🙂 I won’t be posting a poem every day – that’s already impossible because I only found out about it very late yesterday – but I’ll probably do a few more before the end of the month. I’m writing a children’s rhyming book and this came up at the right time while I’m in a poetry-writing frame of mind.

      I like your poem I Broke My Own Heart but I can’t see anywhere on your site where I can ‘like’ it.
      Your trek to the Blue Mountains was interesting. I’ve never done anything like that but my sister has walked up Bessegen in Norway so I’m sure she’d know exactly how you felt by the time you got to the cabins. It sounded exhausting.


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