My 100th Post! A Celebrity Follower and Superhumans :-)

As this is my 100th post, I’ve been waiting for something special to write about.  Earlier in the week, after staying up very late to rearrange my CV to suit a job that I was applying for, I glanced at my email to find that a famous person was following my blog!  For the next day I felt thrilled that this man was following me but then I started getting worried because he is well known for manipulating people by putting them in situations that have been set up to see their reactions.  That evening I had another look at the email and found that I’m actually being followed by fans of this person.  Phew!  I was worried I would be accused of murder or find a horde of zombies outside my door! lol

I’ve decided to remind you that the opening ceremony for the Paralympic Winter Games is on Channel 4 at 3.30 pm today (seeing as it is now nearly 1.30 am).  It looks like it will be very exciting.  I’ve watched a couple of the “countdown to the games” 5 minute programmes and I was amazed to see that they have visually impaired downhill skiing with a guide calling out instructions to the athlete as they ski with them!  I saw the visually impaired running races at the Olympic Stadium in 2012 but this is something else.  It is scary enough when you can see where you’re going but to travel at speed without being able to see much is extremely brave.  I’ve also seen a skier with one arm who can only hold the pole in her left hand.  It must be so difficult to balance!

Sledge hockey looks like it is going to be exciting along with sitting skiing and snowboarding.  These athletes have tremendous courage just coping with their day-to-day lives anyway but their achievements in their various sports are awesome!

Above is a video of some paralympic athletes and their sports.  Well done Channel 4 (again) for highlighting these incredible people (or Superhumans as they called them during the Paralympics in 2012) and good luck Paralympics GB!


2 thoughts on “My 100th Post! A Celebrity Follower and Superhumans :-)

  1. Wow, congratulations, 100 posts, I am impressed and still find them entertaining, interesting and often helpful, keep it up!
    I am really looking forward to watching the Paralympic Winter Games, they are all just so admirable and brave, I really am in awe of all their achievements, it does make me feel rather inferior! They work very hard and go so very far, mentally and physically!
    Keep up the great work please. Xx

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    • Thank you Marie.
      I think Paralympians are amazing and David Weir should have won Sports Personality of the Year. He won 4 gold medals at the London 2012 Olympic Games for 4 different length races and the last one was a marathon! I think that overshadows Bradley Wiggins.
      I don’t know much about the Paralympic Winter Games yet because this will be the first one I’ve ever seen. I’m a bit disappointed to hear that we have only sent 15 athletes but maybe the TV coverage will lead to more interest in the various sports so that we’ll have more athletes at the next one. xx

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