Is This The World’s Cleverest Puppy?

I’ve been using a site called Happify recently.  There are different activities to do that are supposed to make you happier.  I haven’t used it every day so I don’t think I can comment on whether it works or not but I have enjoyed doing the “find the object” games.  They are really hard!  Unfortunately, with the free version you can only do the activities that are unlocked for that day and that particular game isn’t always available.  The forums on Happify have some really beautiful pictures on them and they make me feel happier so I guess the site is doing some good.

When I logged onto the Happify site the other day I saw this video of a very clever puppy.  I don’t know if she is the world’s cleverest puppy but she is very cute.  I sent the link to my friends and one of them has reported that her friends liked it so much they have passed it on to their friends so I thought I would share the link with you.  Enjoy!

Misa Minnie


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