Introducing MagZip – The Amazing One Handed Zip!

I’ve just come across this genius invention – a one handed zip!  It works by using magnets to hold the two pieces of the zip together but they also have to interlock via a tongue and groove system  to make sure they align correctly for the zip to do up properly.  The inventor, Scott Peters, said it took 25 prototypes to perfect the MagZip.  It’s a very clever yet simple system that will be a huge help to people who do not have the full use of two hands (for example, those with arthritis) and to those who are trying to do up a child’s coat while carrying shopping or anyone else who only has one free hand available.

The MagZip will be available on Under Armour clothes from November.  Click on the photo to read the Daily Mail article and see a video of the zip in action.

one handed zip


2 thoughts on “Introducing MagZip – The Amazing One Handed Zip!

  1. Yes, I think it’s brilliant. To think Scott Peters had trouble getting clothing manufacturers interested in it! I can see this replacing an ordinary zip eventually. Why would anyone want one that is difficult to do up when this works so easily? xx


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