Cruelty On Earth. It’s All Good. Really????????????

I wasn’t going to post today as I still feel I need time to try to relax and de-stress but, after having an O.K. Sunday doing some housework and a bit of my writing course, I made the mistake of going online only to see 2 headlines about animals being put down (one was about a giraffe at Copenhagen Zoo and the other was about 6 lions at Longleat).  I then further compounded the error by going on Facebook to see graphic photos of cruelty to dogs which left me completely distraught.  Another reason to avoid Facebook.  I also read this week about a poor 21-year-old man on a bus in Birmingham who was subjected to a 7 minute attack, including being temporarily blinded by pepper spray, by the parents of some children because he politely asked them to stop throwing sweets at him!  What IS the world coming to?

I’ve read (from various spiritual sources) that “it’s all good” meaning even the things we think are bad are actually good at a higher (God) level.  Well, excuse me, but I don’t think so!  Try telling the poor tortured animals that it’s all good.  I don’t care that some good may come out of it in the long run.  That does not help the animal or person who is being beaten, stabbed, shot or whatever else some mindless human thug is doing to them.  If God thinks that is good then he must be either insane or evil.  Is it just me because I’m noticing these things or is it actually getting worse here even though we are supposed to be civilised now?

I decided to have a look at Viral Nova as that usually has some uplifting stuff but there was a story about a lovely, intelligent dog with 2 noses that nobody wants.  So I looked for inspirational photos instead.  This one seemed very apt in the circumstances.

Picture credit: Motivational Pictures Daily

Picture credit: Motivational Pictures Daily

If only I could.

The next one probably applies to everyone but it feels very personal.

Picture credit: Motivational Pictures Daily

Picture credit: Motivational Pictures Daily

Knowing how much of a struggle my life has been for so long, I was absolutely thrilled yesterday to come across the following quote (by Alan Tutt, author of Harmonic Prayer): “The greater your destiny, the more intense your training.”  There has to be some reward for going through this cr*p.  We’ll see.


One thought on “Cruelty On Earth. It’s All Good. Really????????????

  1. I must agree with you regarding all this cruelty. Be it directed at humans or animals my thoughts are the same, NO! Can we not live by the “Treat others as you would have them treat you” I could not hurt an animal or a person, why would I? How could I? I say again NO!!!


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