James Blunt’s Twitter Replies To Trolls

I listen to Heart Radio in the morning while I’m getting ready for work and the other day they mentioned that James Blunt has some good answers to the trolls who badmouth him.  I’ve just seen him on The Jonathan Ross Show and a few of his comments were shown.  They are entertaining.  I’ve checked out the tweets and his replies and some of them are very funny but way too rude to post on here.

I can’t say I’m a fan of his but I do like his songs Bonfire Heart and You’re Beautiful.  I can’t actually think of any others but I might well know them if I heard them. There are a lot of tweets from people saying his new album, Moon Landing, is very good.

Here are some of the things people have tweeted to James and his replies:

JamesBlunt on the radio. I thought he dropped off the face of the earth.

JB: That’s why the new album’s called Moon Landing!

SHOCK NEWS!!! I have actually found myself liking and tapping foot to a JAMES BLUNT song!?!!

JB: You’ll never live this down.

james blunt really does creep me the f**k out.

JB: I followed you. Home.

Don’t know if I can imagine much worse than James Blunt’s new album.

JB: Kids these days have no imagination.

Is there one single James Blunt fan out there?

JB: Most of them are single.

I must be 1 of only 2 who genuinely likes every @jamesblunt song. The other person being him.

JB: Nope, you’re on your own.

Whatever happens to James Blunt.

JB: Stays in James Blunt.

James Blunt has had his 15 min of fame and disappeared.

JB: Even less than that! The song was only 3 minutes and 30 seconds long.

I’m having a bad weekend, some guy just asked me if I was James Blunt!?

JB: Me too! And even worse, I realised I was!

And here is the man himself.

james-blunt-moon-landing-album-artwork_0Well done James for turning a bad situation to your advantage.  You’ve certainly won me over.   🙂


2 thoughts on “James Blunt’s Twitter Replies To Trolls

  1. Yes I agree, I have heard about this and seen a few of his replies and must say I am very impressed with his attitude regarding the negative comments from people. Very intelligent way to put them in their place! You go JB! Xx


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