Fountains In London At Night

I did really well with my writing course last night – a 1,000 word story completely from scratch (I had no idea what I was going to write about when I started).  I was going to get on with the next assignment tonight but I’d forgotten The Undateables was on so that intention went out the window.

I want to try to do my blog at least every other day while I’m doing the writing course and I was completely stuck for a subject tonight.  Nothing in the news interested me and I wasn’t inspired by the Daily Prompt so I thought I’d post a couple of photographs I took in 2012, after my sister, our friend and I had been to see the Paralympic table tennis at the ExCel and then travelled across the River Thames in the cable car.  When we were walking to the underground station to come home, we passed this beautiful open space.  I think this photo looks quite exotic.  It reminds me of Orlando in Florida – flat, wide and clean.  It certainly doesn’t look like the London I know and love lol.

Pool near cable car in London

Pool near cable car in London

Then the fountains were turned on.



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